James Holdsworth

All work in progress.

Freshly graduated from BA (Hons) Graphic Design at Falmouth.

Intern at KesselsKramer Amsterdam.

Everything I post on here is my own work and collaboration is my best friend, so contact me about anything you think we could do together!

Copyright © by James Holdsworth

L’Enfant visuals are finished - super happy. Keeping it groovy with some tasty patterns and colours. Live Visuals/Music Video to come soon. 

Making groovy patterns for some new visuals with the band L’Enfant 

Danish plugs are probably the happiest in the world. (at Copenhagen, Denmark)

at Tivoli

New Blood D&ADing

'This Is First Aid' is my playful campaign designed to quickly teach life-saving skills. And it's just been featured on Computer Arts’s blog!

See this project in full here.

better get recording some sounds

Degree complete! Best three years in the best place.

A-Z is coming together!

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